About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Led by passion, our team is here with a promise.

A promise to make life simple!!

At iGADG.in, We promise to:-

  1. Offer Good Quality Products
  2. Always offer Free shipping to users
  3. Provide Easy returns
  4. Guarantee each product for manufacturing defects

At iGADG, we aspire to be the first choice when it comes to buying cool new gadgets. We are a modern day organization which brings to you the most innovative/useful gadgets and gizmos. If you are tired of the same old boring designs and plain vanilla functionalities, its time to switch to iGADG for cool new gadgets and other stuff.  We carefully handpick, test and pack each gadget to ensure that the user gets a functional, useful and innovative gadget.

At iGADG our vision is to make lives simpler for people by empowering them with gadgets that save time and make the world a better place to live. We are on a quest to easing out the crooked path and help individuals find personal time with the help of gadgets. We are here to find solutions for everyday life at a very economical cost. We like to solve problems of everyday life with our major focus being products related to Wireless mobility, Weighing scales and Baby safety.

Any suggestions and feedback, do write to us at info@akima.in

So Surprise yourself, every time with new gadgets, when you visit us.