KiddySafe Child Safety Locks Baby Safety Locks Used for Locking Cabinet Drawer Cupboard Refrigerator and Corner Protector,Infant Safety – Pack of 1

KiddySafe Child Safety Locks Baby Safety Locks Used for Locking Cabinet Drawer Cupboard Refrigerator and Corner Protector,Infant Safety – Pack of 1


  • Our products are ideal for providing your baby with a hassle-free growth environment. It is designed for locking drawers, cabinet doors, refrigerator doors, cupboard doors It can protect children from bumping into an open drawer or cabinet door and prevent them from hurting their fingers while playing the drawers.
  • White color, glossy surface and well-design. Not an unsightly addition but a nice decoration to your home. Have it, have pleasure and peace of mind for your baby security.Durable and stylish product. Made of premium ABS plastic material, super slim design with size to fit all of your appliances perfectly
  • A product of high quality. Two separated blocks can be connected with the joints and form an angle of 90 to lock drawers. It can lock automatically when the drawer is closed. Easy for adults to open but very hard for children.
  • Easy and convenient installation without any tools. Peel the paper off the back and put in place and push down a few minutes to get a secure grip. The distinctive super 3M glue enables the adhesive pads to stick to all even surfaces tightly. [Tips: Clean the mounting surface before installation and wait for several hours after installation, you could get greater adhesive effect!]
  • NOTE: These locks are particularly suitable for drawers and cabinets. DOES NOT APPLY TO: Non-rectangular door / Door thickness greater than 1 inch / Mounting surface is not flat / With curved panel

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keep your baby safe and out of cabinets, drawers, toilets, appliances and more! The Smart Baby latch lock design is simple for adults,easily open or close the latch with a single hand. But very tricky for inquisitive toddlers to figure out Child Safety Locks; For Locking Drawer, Cabinet, Refrigerator, Cupboard etc; Great Adhesive Capacity; Child/Kid/Toddler/Baby Safe Guard Product; Durable and stylish product INSTALLATION METHOD 1.Clean up dust/water/oil on your furniture surface,make sure the surface clean 2.Remove the tape backing,place the guards tightly for 30 seconds 3.Wait at least 24 hours before the guards starting to work 4.Don’t touch the adhesive surface of the tape with your hands 5.Please simulate the location and orientation of the installation before installation 6.If the installation is wrong, you can use the hair dryer to heat the disassembly and then reinstall it DISASSEMBLY METHOD locks can be easily removed without damaging/marking your furniture, by heating the adhesive with a hair-dryer INSTALLATION PRECAUTIONS 1. The sides of the drawer are not flat and can not be used 2. Not applicable to the inside of the drawer 3. The door and the side are not at right angles can not be used 4. Door panel thickness exceeds 2.5 CM Not applicable (Most of the refrigerator door thickness of more than 2.5 CM) 5. In most cases, the right-angled components should be mounted on the moving door.Therefore, it is necessary to set the direction and position of the mounting parts before installation 6.Some household appliances (such as refrigerators) for the design of beautiful, the panel is curved design, this door is not suitable for these corner locks

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