iGADG Dual Action Pest Repeller With Night Lamp – Pack Of 3

iGADG Dual Action Pest Repeller With Night Lamp – Pack Of 3

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  • COVERAGE AREA - Covers upto 200 square meters, so you will need number of pieces according to your home size. 4 to 5 are good for a household.
  • SAFE - The product includes no poisonous or gaseous emissions , making the home a safe place to live with pests.
  • USEFULNESS - Useful for repelling Bugs, Cockroaches, Rats , Mice, Lizards and Ants
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Includes both electromagnetic and ultrasonic technology to provide best protection against pests.
  • NIGHT LAMP - Includes a night lamp as well that can be switched ON/OFF based on your requiremen

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1. The Multi-purpose Electromagnetic & Ultrasonic Pest Chaser adopts high-tech means, can produce one kind of extremely special super low frequency electromagnetic wave, transmitting by itself blast-off component and power cable, effectively stimulate the pests’ (such as cockroach, ant, spider, flea and bedbug) nerve system and sense of hearing system, making them inadaptive and escape. 2.Can produce variable anf fixed frequency ultrasonic wave to effectively repel rat, mosquito, and other pests in its governing scope. 3. Many pests fear light, according to this theory the product built-in light to repel all kinds of pests in its governing scope. Applicable Area:

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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