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Car and Home 3.5mm Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter

Car and Home 3.5mm Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter

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Say goodbye to tangled cables and embrace the freedom of wireless music with our 3.5mm Bluetooth Wireless Music Receiver. This versatile receiver effortlessly connects to any car or home stereo audio input, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes from your phone, laptop, or iPod without the hassle of wires.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Connectivity: The Bluetooth Receiver seamlessly connects to a variety of audio devices, including Home A/V systems, home stereos, headphones, automobile or motorcycle speakers, and more. Experience wireless music playback in any setting.

  2. Effortless Pairing: Touch and hold a single button to power on the Bluetooth Receiver, and it will automatically search for a compatible transmitter. No codes are required for Apple or Android devices. For devices that need a passkey, use the universally recognized "0000" for a quick and hassle-free connection.

  3. Intuitive LED Indicator: LED lights beneath the button provide clear visual cues for device connection and charging status. Stay informed at a glance, ensuring a seamless and convenient user experience.

  4. Easy Setup with Stereo Cables: The Bluetooth Receiver comes complete with stereo cables and an adapter, simplifying the connection process. Plug it into any receiving device with a headphone jack, and you're ready to experience wireless music freedom.

  5. Long Battery Life: A fully charged Bluetooth Receiver offers hours of music reception, providing a continuous and uninterrupted music listening experience. For extended use, the option to power it continuously with USB power ensures you never miss a beat.

Upgrade your audio experience with our Bluetooth Wireless Music Receiver – where convenience meets versatility. Immerse yourself in the world of wireless music streaming, untethered from the limitations of cables. Whether at home, in the car, or on the go, enjoy the freedom to listen to your favorite music hassle-free.


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