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DriveGuard Pro: 3-Lens Car Dash Camera - Full HD 1080P, Smart DVR, Reversing Video Recorder

DriveGuard Pro: 3-Lens Car Dash Camera - Full HD 1080P, Smart DVR, Reversing Video Recorder

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Introducing DriveGuard Pro: the advanced 3-Lens Car Dash Camera that ensures comprehensive and real-time recording of your driving experiences. With its three cameras, wide-angle view, simultaneous display, smart G-sensor, and loop recording functionality, DriveGuard Pro offers an exceptional level of safety and peace of mind on the road.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Three Cameras with Real-time Recording: DriveGuard Pro features three cameras to capture every moment of your driving journey. The front camera records in Full HD 1080P resolution, providing crisp and clear video footage. The rear-view camera comes with reversing visual function, assisting you in parking and avoiding collisions. The inside camera records at a resolution of 640x480, ensuring that every angle inside your car is documented.

  2. Wide Angle View: With its wide-angle lenses, DriveGuard Pro captures a panoramic view of the road and its surroundings. The front camera offers a 170-degree wide-angle view, while the back camera provides a 140-degree view. The inside camera covers a 120-degree angle, ensuring that you have a comprehensive recording of both the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

  3. Support "Picture in Picture" Simultaneously Display: DriveGuard Pro allows you to select and display two of the three cameras on the screen simultaneously. This "Picture in Picture" feature enables you to monitor and record from different angles simultaneously, such as the front and inside cameras or the front and rear cameras. Gain a complete view of your surroundings and enhance your safety on the road.

  4. Smart G-sensor: Equipped with a built-in gravity sensor, DriveGuard Pro automatically detects sudden movements or impacts. In the event of an accident, the camera activates the G-sensor and starts recording, ensuring that the crucial footage is saved and protected. The locked images are stored as special files, safeguarded from being overwritten during the loop recording process, providing valuable evidence for accidents or insurance claims.

  5. Automatically Loop Recording: DriveGuard Pro utilizes loop recording technology to ensure continuous and seamless recording. When the storage capacity is reached, the camera automatically overwrites the oldest recorded footage with new recordings. With this feature, you never have to worry about running out of storage space. The loop recording system works flawlessly, ensuring that no seconds of your drive are missed.

Stay safe and confident on the road with DriveGuard Pro. Its three cameras with real-time recording, wide-angle view, simultaneous display, smart G-sensor, and loop recording functionality provide you with an extensive and reliable documentation of your driving experiences. Capture every moment, from the exterior surroundings to the interior ambiance, and enjoy a heightened level of safety and protection on your journeys.

NOTE: This system works on 12V Car Charging (Charger provided). It does not have a battery.

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